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Jay Neugeboren - Writing


MAX BAER AND THE STAR OF DAVID (Mandel Vilar Press, 2016)

Poli: A Mexican Boy in Early Texas. Texas Tech University Press. 2014. (Special 25th Anniversary Edition)

The Diagnostic Manual of Mishegas, with Michael B. Friedman and Lloyd I. Sederer (2013)

The American Sun & Wind Moving Picture Company, Texas Tech University Press (2013)

The Other Side of the World, Two Dollar Radio (2012)

You Are My Heart and Other Stories, Two Dollar Radio (2011)

1940, Two Dollar Radio (2008)

News From the New American Diaspora and Other Tales of Exile, University of Texas Press (2005)

(editor) Hillside Diary and Other Writings by Robert Gary Neugeboren, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (2004)

Open Heart: A Patient's Story of Life-Saving Medicine and Life-Giving Friendship, Houghton Mifflin (2003)

Transforming Madness: New Lives for People Living with Mental Illness, William Morrow (1999)

Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness, and Survival, Morrow (1997)

Don't Worry About the Kids: Stories, University of Massachusetts (1992)

Poli: A Mexican Boy in Early Texas, (with Tom Leamon, illustrator), Corona (1989)

Before My Life Began, Simon and Schuster (1985)

The Stolen Jew, Holt Rinehart (1981)

(editor) The Story of Story Magazine: A Memoir by Martha Foley, Norton (1980)

An Orphan's Tale, Holt Rinehart (1976)

Sam's Legacy, Holt Rinehart (1974)

Corky's Brother and Other Stories, Farrar Straus (1969)

Parentheses: An Autobiographical Journey, Dutton (1970)

Listen Ruben Fontanez, Houghton Mifflin (1968)

Big Man, Houghton Mifflin (1966)


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