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Read "Psychotherapy as a Kind of Art", from The New York Times Op Ed.

Read "The Cure for Literary Melancholy", from Publishers Weekly


"Neugeboren has always been something of an innovator, blending narratives so apparently disparate that their combinations would seem impossible until he accomplished it. His feverish productivity in the 21st century has a whole new quality, a tidal wave of story ideas that flow so fast it seems almost impossible to write them all down . . . . In the case of any other author, this work might be taken as the capstone of a long and distinguished career, but Jay Neugeboren is tapping such a well of energy that he might not even be half-finished yet."

Boston Globe

"The American Sun & Wind Moving Picture Company is a beautifully written, carefully thought-out novel that recreates the wonder of the early days of the movies. Anybody interested in the craft of writing, reading about the lives of brilliantly imagined people, and the magic of silent movies, should read this novel."

Frederick Wiseman


"This fall when Philip Roth told an interviewer that he'd stopped writing novels, the commentaries that surged forth might as well have been obituaries. Which writer would continue to honor well-made sentences? Who would capture America's roiling moral anxiety? And was there anybody left who could do it through tormented, sex-obsessed Jewish men?

For those who feel needled by those questions, Jay Neugeboren's "The Other Side of the World" might be the tonic they're hoping for. Neugeboren has written in relative obscurity for decades — this is his 18th book — but the linguistic precision, wry humor and libidinal neurosis contained in his fine new novel put him in good company with the recently retired master."
The Washington Post

"Neugeboren presents a meditation on life, love, art and family relationships that's reminiscent of the best of John Updike."
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review


"[Neugeboren] might not be as famous as some of his compeers, like Philip Roth or John Updike, but it's becoming increasingly harder to argue that he's any less talented. Neugeboren's new short story collection serves as a convincing piece of evidence of the author's rare talent... dazzlingly smart and deeply felt... Jay Neugeboren is music to our ears."
Kirkus Reviews

"Jay Neugeboren’s You Are My Heart is an object lesson in imaginative empathy and observational intelligence. His fiction for years now has had the courage to be quiet and careful and comprehensively humane, but it’s in no way slight. One of his great subjects has been the damage that even the most caring and thoughtful can inflict, and though these stories take place all over the world, they’re at heart about the difference between the America to which we aspire and the America in which we live."
Jim Shepard


"Jay Neugeboren traverses the Hitlerian tightrope with all the skill and formal daring that have made him one of our most honored writers of literary fiction and masterful nonfiction. This new book is, at once, a beautifully realized work of imagined history, a rich and varied character study and a subtly layered novel of ideas, all wrapped in a propulsively readable story. Neugeboren is marvelous. Part of the power of this intelligently and finely wrought novel is that... thoughts and questions arise unforced from the story, as though from life itself."
Los Angeles Times

"Jay Neugeboren's 1940 is a taut, nuanced, beautifully written novel that captures an anxious and uncertain time in ways that a straight rendering of facts and dates could never achieve. Neugeboren casts a spell on the first page of his novel that never goes away. This memorable work of historical fiction is to be contemplated as well as savored."

"This tautly constructed, utterly readable book raises questions the reader must answer. Highly recommended."
Library Journal {Starred Review}

"Intelligent and absorbing... subtle and affecting."
Washington Post

"Jay Neugeboren has performed an astounding feat of literary alchemy, effortlessly blending science, history, religion, art, biography and psychiatry into a haunting tale that is at once a love story and a suspense novel."

"Neugeboren's first novel in 20 years presents a fictional account of an obscure historical figure in this intelligent, densely layered novel. Neugeboren's characters are nuanced and complex, especially the strong-willed Elisabeth... the great characters and the author's thoughtful examination of good and evil pack a cerebral punch."
Publishers Weekly

"Neugeboren's 1940 is clever in all the right ways and in none of the wrong ways - intricate, impeccably researched, but never pretentious, didactic, or self-indulgent. It is also never dull; though brimming with ideas, many of them disquieting, it is a highly engrossing read. We read, and re-read, 1940, though, not for these gifts, welcome as they are, but for its engagement with some of the deepest issues of our time and, in its grappling with the enigmas of the human soul, of all time. Neugeboren has started with the impropable and produced something indelible."


Potchkied together and .com-piled by
Jay Neugeboren, Michael B. Friedman, and Lloyd I. Sederer, M. D.

Based on a newly discovered document by the brilliant if frequently famisht Dr. Sol Farblondget, M.D., Ph.D., P.T.A.

The Diagnostic Manual of Mishegas (D.M.O.M.) is a delightful parody of the American Psychiatric Association's "Bible of psychiatry," the D.S.M. (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). In a playful send-up of the D.S.M., the authors--of whom are distinguished writers with deep roots in the field of mental health--through the hundreds of categories in the 1000-page D.S.M. by dividing all mental disorders into two realms: mishegas major and mishegas minor.

And for each of the sub-categories it analyzes—spilkes major (and spilkes minor), yenta, kvetch, alter kocker, shnorrer, dementia-with-benefits, etc.--as in Leo Rosten's classic The Joys of Yiddish, it provides light-hearted anecdotes that not only definitively and memorably illustrate the diagnostic category, but will make you plotz with laughter. The D.M.O.M. will enable readers to transform ordinary tsuris and mishegas—the glooms, blues, angsts, and general chazzerie of their lives--into transcendent and easy-to-understand categories. It will turn kvetching into kvelling, and guilt into gelt, so that readers will learn to live at peace with their inner mishegas, and to treasure its precious and life-giving absurdities.

"I laughed so hard I wet my husband's pants!"

-- Hanna Bat Yenta

"Everything you always wanted to know about the joys of being mishugah!"

--Chava McDonald-Moskowitz-Shviger

"Move over Mel Brooks--this book is the greatest invention since saran wrap!"

--Moshe Mishpochah

"And at 74 pages for only $10--the bargain of your life, and of your machatunim too!"

--Nachman Gonif-Drekmeierstein

"All men and women are meshugah, but some men and women are more mishugah than others."

--Gershem Orwell. Funny Farm.


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